These Are The Upgrades I wanna See in The New iPad Air 5

I suspect Apple will add just two of these upgrades, though

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Whenever Apple is about to launch a new device, whether it’s an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac, we like to give it a list of demands. A list that contains a couple of updates we would like to see in that new device.

It’s like Apple has this magic button that enables her to add all these features in a couple of days. We are just not aware of the fact that these features require months, if not years, to survive all the stages before they end up as a component of a new device.

Regardless, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and give you guys a list of five features I would like to see in the New iPad Air 5 (you get it: 5 features, iPad Air 5. Okay, just stop, Amir. It’s not even funny).

Let’s start with an OLED Display

I just can’t believe that the iPad Air 4 still does not have an OLED Display. How can you sell that to your customers, Apple? I mean, do we really need to upgrade to the iPad Pro to get an OLED Display? Just add that to the Air as well.

As for now, even the current iPad Pro doesn’t have an OLED display, but I suspect that Apple is only planning to add an OLED display to the coming iPad Pro.

Yeah, I get that it’s kind of a marketing trick. People who are on the verge of buying the iPad Pro might get a push in the back to just go for that Pro version.

But that’s not how it works.

If I (a regular customer who buys a lot of Apple products) am looking for a Pro device, I’m doing so because it’s more powerful than the regular version. I know that a Pro device will handle a lot more than the Air, so I buy the Pro. I don’t buy the Pro model just because of the OLED Display.

On the other hand, having an OLED display in the iPad Air is something that fits in 2022. I mean, having a regular display feels like I’m holding a Game Boy Color from 1998.

Having a regular display feels like I’m holding a Game Boy Color from 1998.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get what I mean, right.

What about having a Face ID?

Believe it or not, the current iPad Air still doesn’t have Face ID! Can you believe that? The most revolutionary invention made by Apple is still not integrated into the iPad Air. That’s just baffling.

Instead, we need to unlock that iPad with a Touch ID. I mean yeah that’s kind of the same. Both serve the purpose well. They keep your iPad secure, and you don’t have to fill in an (Alpha)numeric code every time you open your iPad.

But how great will it be to don’t even reach out to your iPad to unlock it? Just think about it for a second. Let’s say you have your iPad attached to the Magic Keyboard.

It would be much easier to turn your iPad on, and it’s already unlocked just by looking at it. Your hands are still attached to the keyboard, and you can start taking your notes right away.

But I’m afraid that it will not happen.

We just got the iPad Mini 6 without Face ID. I mean, if Apple is planning to replace touch ID with Face ID, it would have started doing so with the iPad Mini 6.

But I can be wrong about it (I actually hope to be wrong about it)

Please, just switch to an M-Chip

No one is waiting for an A15 bionic chip, so just give us an M-chip. This is kind of hitting two birds with one stone.

Just think about it, if Apple switches to the M-chips in their Air models, they will be forced to add the M1 Pro and the M1 Max to the new iPad Pro models. That’s both good for the customer and for Apple.

The customer has now the choice between a Powerful Air device and an ultra-powerful Pro device.

And Apple, who will be more able to split their customer database more precisely.

The customer who likes to take notes, browse on the internet, draw, and a lot more without losing battery power, and the customer who likes to use Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and the like without draining their battery.

What About MagSafe?

Okay, this is the only feature I expect to see in the new iPad Air 5. I mean, it has to.

Having a MagSafe Feature can be so handy and powerful. For instance, you can attach your iPad to a MagSafe compatible dock and use your wireless keyboard for both your iMac (or MacBook) and for your iPad.

With a Logitech keyboard, the switch between one device to the other is just by clicking a button on the keyboard.

But you can also transform your car into a Tesla if you have a MagSafe feature in your iPad. You just need a good magnetic holder, and you can attach an 11-inch screen to your car dashboard.

Better Front Camera with Center Stage as a Feature

Okay, this feature HAS to be integrated into the new iPad Air 5. I’m talking here about Center Stage, obviously. In a world where we use Zoom and FaceTime on a regular basis, having a good front camera and the option to have a good frame capture is a must.

For those who don’t know what Center Stage is, it’s basically a machine learning feature that’s able to keep multiple people in the frame.

Even when moving around!

As for now, only the iPad Pro, the iPad Mini 6, and the iPad 9th generation have this feature. But I suspect that the iPad Air 5 will have this feature as well.

This goes also for a better camera. I believe that the new iPad Air 5 will at least have a 12MP camera since the iPad 6 Mini did get this upgrade.

Thanks for reading until the end : )

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