The Logitech Craft Keyboard Has A Unique Feature

Photo by Sebastian Banasiewcz on Unsplash

The Good about the Logitech Craft Keyboard

First, some background about this Logitech Craft Keyboard. I’ve used a lot of keyboards over my many years as a tech reviewer, and none have come close to feeling as good as Apple’s current wireless keyboard.

The Bad about the Logitech Craft Keyboard

My main issue with Logitech’s crown, though, is that it’s not as quick or responsive as other versions. It takes a little more finesse to twist than others I’ve used.

The Typing Experience Of The Logitech Craft Keyboard

Logitech claims its keys have a low amount of pre-travel, which I would agree with — but at the same time, it’s among one of my favorite things about typing on a Logitech keyboard.

My Conclusion

So the Logitech Craft Keyboard has a lot of potential. And while it may be expensive for many people, its implementation in your workflow will provide you with an advantage you never knew existed. This functionality alone makes Logitech’s offering worthy of consideration for those who can spare $164.99 for a keyboard.



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