I Got Kicked Out of The Medium Partner Program

It’s not so dramatic as it may sound, but you could help!

Photo by Oxa Roxa on Unsplash

So I signed for the Medium Partner Program before the “100 followers threshold to become a partner” was a thing. At first, I didn’t see a single dollar back, despite the dozens of articles I’ve written on this website.

But then, something started happening. I started getting reads, follows, and claps from awesome people who were very supportive at the same time.

So that motivated me even more to crack my brain and cobble nice to read articles together.

My hard work started to pay off!

At most, I made $12 a month with Medium. I mean, yeah, cool to go to the movies with. But it was a nice thing to look forward to. I knew that my hard work was appreciated.

Until I received an email from Medium stating that I’m not eligible anymore to be partner of their program, and therefore, I will be kicked out at the end of the month. If I have 100 followers, though, I’m more than welcome to signup again for this partner program.

We can help each other

By now, I bet you’ve read an article or two where people are asking for a follow to reach that 100 follower threshold. This article is quite similar.

At first, I thought that Medium wouldn’t be happy with this call to action. It sounded like the sub-for-sub campaign that you may have encountered in YouTube’s comment section. But after checking it out and thinking about it really closely, I came to the conclusion that there is no harm in this follow-for-follow cry out.

I mean, we all have the $5 Medium subscription. Medium doesn’t lean on advertisers for income. In the long run, it could be very destructive for YouTube to not take action on this. Over time, YouTube wouldn’t be trustworthy as it seems.

But with Medium, it’s different. If anything, we’re the ones who provide for Medium. So why not just let anyone enjoy the Medium Partner Program to keep them motivated to write more?

They might have their incentives, but I can’t think of one at the moment.

No pressure. Only if you feel like it

By the time of writing this article, my follower base counts 62 followers. This means I need 38 more followers to reach that 100 followers threshold.

If you feel like it and want to support this account, It would mean the world if you would give me a follow. Obviously, I’m following everyone back who follows me as a result of this article.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.



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