Do the work, and the rest will follow

Stop being afraid of putting your work out there. It’s the number one factor that might stop you from

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I’ve just got 5 minutes to share my thoughts about the following, so be easy with me if you find some grammatical errors or not good running sentences. But it’s about the following.

Have you ever thought about starting a side hustle, like a blog or teaching a skill online and was working on it for days, if not weeks, just to find out that no one watched your video or read your blog post. That feeling of not getting the results after working on them for so long is the worst feeling ever. I totally understand. And therefore I want to give your the following advice.

Don’t focus on making just that blog post or just that one video. It takes months, if not years, to get your voice heard. If you want to be present on the internet, you need to focus on quantity rather than quality.

Don’t get stuck on the minor things

And please don’t get me wrong. I don’t say that you should make an awful course just for the sake of batching content out there. I’m saying not to get stuck on the minor things like the color of your theme or the fact that you don’t have a lot of transitions in your videos. These transitions may increase your audience’s engagement, but if it took me a half-hour to pick the right transition between two clips, I would skip it.

And it’s very easy to find yourself thinking about these minor details just to discover that you haven’t done the actual work. It’s not about those stylish details but about how good you can deliver any content out there.

So it may feel tough to start creating daily content, and believe me, you will get stuck at some point. The chance of running out of ideas is significant, but overcoming these stumbling blogs is what will make you an excellent content creator.

You’re not the only one who doubts

The one thing you should keep in mind when working on your side-hustle/passion is the fact that those big guys who are out there for a long time have the same problems as you do. They also have to stare at a blank page; they also have to stare at a camera lens that doesn’t talk back, And they also need to overcome that fear of putting work out on the internet and being judged by people who never met them.

It’s that fear of not willing to make mistakes. It’s funny to see how we become more and more self-conscious when we get older. As babies, we didn’t worry about making mistakes at all. As a matter of fact, we started making mistakes the moment we started walking.

But we couldn’t care less because we had parents that encouraged us every time we fell. At this moment, you may have encouraging loved ones, and you should start talking to them more often about the things you run into. That’s what will give you that boost to continue doing what you’re doing.

So this might be a very short rambling to help you overcome those fears to produce more, but I hope it helped you put your work out there. Just keep one thing in mind, it’s not hard to put the work out there; it’s how you keep working on putting that work out there every single day.



I like geeking, reviewing, and writing about Apple products. So I hope you enjoy my work half as much as I enjoy informing you about it.

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I like geeking, reviewing, and writing about Apple products. So I hope you enjoy my work half as much as I enjoy informing you about it.