Annoying Ads on your iPhone or iPad? There is a way to outsmart them!

Reading an article on your small iPhone screen isn’t that pleasant. Especially if one-third of your screen is filled with ads.

Photo by Lucas Hoang on Unsplash

The most annoying thing to experience when going through your morning news articles is the number of ads pop-ups, cookie consents, and autoplaying videos, that you have to encounter on every single page.

I sometimes find myself not even willing to read that article, just because it has more ads than the actual content. And this can even be more annoying when I’m reading those articles on my iPhone, iPad, or even worse, iPhone mini.

So I thought to be very clever and start using Safari Reader to bypass those popups.

If you haven’t thought about using Safari’s Reader View to outsmart those annoying ads pop-ups, then try it out!

But that’s not what this article is about.

With this article, I want to show you that Safari has an even better way to block those ads and even cookie popups I every time need to give my consent to (the most annoying thing that’s apparently in favor of the customer).

You have to download an App

Even though I said that Apple made it possible to block ads, I should say that you have to download a third-party app to make it happen. The only thing that Apple did is the possibility to use third-party extensions for your Safari internet browser.

But the steps to install the App are pretty straightforward, and I will delineate them for you in this article.

Most likely, when looking for a content blocker on the App Store, you’ll find dozens of them. But I found out that 1Blocker delivers the most to its promises. It does have in-App Purchases, though (No affiliation with the indie developer).

The Steps to Make the Add Blocker Work

After downloading the Add Blocker from the App Store, we can start with the installment of the Ad blocker. And unlike usual, this installment doesn’t start with opening the actual app. Therefore, we need to go to our Settings app and search for Safari.

The steps look more as follows:

  1. Download the Add Blocker of your choice (It doesn’t have to be 1Blocker)
  2. Go to your Settings on your iPhone
  3. Scroll down until you find the section where Safari is embedded.
  4. After opening Safari, scroll down and tap on Extensions.
  5. Now you have the option to toggle the content you want to block.

One side note: you need to go for the premium version to be able to toggle all content blockers. Otherwise, you can only choose one. I went for the Add Blocker.

After finishing these steps, you can safely browse to your favorite online news distributor, and start reading without being interrupted by a dozen of companies that scream for your attention.

But that’s not so ethical, isn’t it?

Okay, you might be thinking that bypassing those add pup-ops isn’t that ethical. Especially if you love the work of the company that you follow and want to support them with at least having those add banners on your screen.

And that’s true. I totally agree with this idea. The only problem is that some news companies (which shall remain unnamed) have ads on their page even if you have a subscription! That’s why I came up with the idea to find out a way to block these ads.

And I found it.

So I thought to share it with you. Hopefully, it was helpful.

Thanks for reading until the end : )

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